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NBA 10/01/2017, 15.46

Paul George: I expect to get to the playoffs. We can only get better

The words from star of Indiana Pacers

The Pacers are coming off a very good period of form, with five consecutive victories, and aim to continue the trend: "We hope to take advantage of this momentum for the match in London. They play hard, they are fast and they run a lot. They are a better team than tell their record in the standings, they are very young and will be the height of their career in a couple of years. But they are always an opponent against which you can not relax, otherwise you can beat.".
"I expect to get to the playoffs. We're still a new team, but we are in the running. We have players like Jeff Teague, Thad Young and Al Jefferson, who are settling in, they are entering into the system and are understanding what is expected from them. We're getting to know each other, we are learning from each other, we can only get better. "
D. Destri

D. Destri

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