Tomasevic on candidature as FIBA Europe president: Most important thing is agreement with EL

Tomasevic on candidature as FIBA Europe president: Most important thing is agreement with EL

Tomasevic talks about BCL Final Four in Antwerp, FIBA Europe, Djordjevic, Nikola Jokic

Antwerp Final Four

– From the organization aspect, this was bingo! I’m surprised, because I didn’t expect that there is an Arena of 17 thousand people in Antwerp. And when I’ve heard that it was built in 1933… It was full! This is really absolute success for basketball! I would love to see the quality of basketball rise as well, it is something that it’s been done.

About his candidacy?

– There are a lot of things in which FIBA Europe could and should be more involved. The idea for my candidacy came at the meeting of federations from ex Yugoslavia and some of the leading federations in Europe. Predrag Danilovic suggested that I should be a candidate, others agreed, and we started this fight. I believe that I with the people that would came with me, can do it.


– Absolutely most important subject is an agreement with Euroleague. This dividing is not good for federations, clubs, Euroleague, ECA, FIBA… I’m sure there is a room for agreement. Players must come first. They are most important. We must provide them a chance to show the best on a court, and then with the help of marketing we would attract fans, media, public… Everything would rise to a higher level. It is important to find compromise, solution which is the best for European basketball, clubs and federations. I believe that there are people who can do it.

Djordjevic in Virtus?

– Sale is charismatic person, wherever he goes, he brings something new, something positive. He was like that as a player, and as a coach. When someone mentions Bologna, it brings positive emotions in me, who knows how many times I played against great clubs and players in that city. I wish them from the bottom of my heart for both of the clubs from Bologna to become agains top European teams, it is important for the city, Italy and Europe. Djordjevic and his team can do it. I wish him to be successful with his team, but for the National team to be first for him.

Nikola Jokic

– What he is doing is unbelievable. No one has a explanation for the way he plays. I would like to tell him, as an older colleague, that we owe him gratitude for everything he is doing. That is the best way to promote himself, his family, basketball and, what is most important, his country. That should be the primary mission for all of us.

It would also help if he joins the national team for the World Cup…

– I believe he will play.


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