Steve Kerr thinks Wiggins’ speed will be a great weapon for Warriors

Wiggins ended with 24 points, 3 assist and 5 steals in his first game for the Warriors

Golden State Warriors coach talks about the debut of Andrew Wiggins, who scored 24 points with 3 assist and 5 steals in the road loss against the Los Angeles Lakers.

“It’s just great to have a player who we could put on LeBron and at least match up physically, it’s the hardest position to guard these days in the NBA. So to have a guy who is 6-8 and athletic and knows the league well, understands how to play, it’s great.
I never said anything about how many shots, I just said sprint the floor both ways. That is the only thing we are asking, especially here in the first week without him having much knowledge of the playbook. We just stuck to a couple of basic actions, and I just told him, ‘No matter what happens, we need you to sprint the floor both ways.’And when we are whole again, we got a couple of guys who really throw the ball ahead in transition in Draymond and Steph. Andrew can get out with such speed, and that will be a great weapon going forward.”

Source: Espn.

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