Steve Kerr praises DeMarcus Cousins

Steve Kerr praises DeMarcus Cousins

Steve Kerr says DeMarcus Cousins got Warriors through tough stretch

Steve Kerr praised DeMarcus Cousins who made his debut for the Golden State Warriors on January 18.
The Warriors won the last 11 games.

Per ESPN, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr praised center DeMarcus Cousins as a big reason the back-to-back NBA champions have seen a boost the past few weeks.

“No dog days this year,” Kerr said after Wednesday’s practice. “It’s been nice. I think he personally got us through what would normally be the tough stretch. Let’s face it: We had some tough days earlier in the season, between injuries and some drama and all that stuff. So it doesn’t feel like a normal January, February point of the schedule. It feels fresher, and a lot of that has to do with DeMarcus.”

Source: ESPN.

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