Serbia still on top on latest FIBA World Cup Power Rankings

Serbia still on top on latest FIBA World Cup Power Rankings

Serbia leads USA and Australia

Teams are timing their form with just a couple of days left before the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 begins. Time to check up on them with the third edition of our Power Rankings.

The formula stays the same as in the actual competition, meaning we went through the possible scenarios in the First Round of the Group Phase, then the Second Round of the Group Phase, and the entire Final Phase. In theory, that means that, let’s say, Canada, Australia and Lithuania cannot all be among the Top 16 because only two of them will actually advance from Group H.

In case this all feels familiar to you, it is because it was also explained in the first Power Rankings two weeks ago. Or, if you missed Volume 1, you probably read about this in Volume 2.


Most of the teams have finished their friendly games, which gave us something to work with in terms of their current form. You can keep track of all the scores in our preparation games tracker.


The power rankings.


1 Serbia

2 Usa

3 Australia

4 Spain

5 France

6 Greece

7 Nigeria

8 Argentina

9 Lithuania

10 Brazil

11 Turkey

12 Germany

13 China

14 Tunisia

15 Italy

16 Poland

17 Canada

18 Philippines

19 Japan

20 Russia

21 Czech Republic

22 New Zealand

23 Montenegro

24 Senegal

25 Iran

26 Venezuela

27 Korea

28 Jordan

29 Dominican Republic

30 Puertorico

31 Angola

32 Ivory Coast



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