Sam Presti: We’re disappointed that we’re not still playing

Sam Presti: We’re disappointed that we’re not still playing

OKC lost in the first round against Portland

Quotes from Oklahoma City Thunder GM Sam Presti’end of season press conference:

If I had to define the year in a couple words, I would say capability and inconsistency”

What the Thunder stands for is something that people in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma can really come together over,” said Presti. “Everyone comes together to make it something special. We’re really grateful to be a part of that and privileged to be part of that.

We’ll create a plan, try to find a path forward, and we’ll get to work,” Presti said. “We’re not looking to be fast, we’re not looking to be quick, we’re looking to be rigorous. We’re looking to be the same problem-solving group that we have been over the years, which is pretty methodical. We just don’t have the liberty to be momentary problem solvers. We have to look at it a little deeper.

We’ve established a certain standard here over 10 years,” said Presti. “We’re disappointed that we’re not still playing. At the same time, we have to take ownership over that, and we’ve got to take a hard look at where we are as a team, what the options are, and look at those and see how we can make it better. That’s part of competition.”

OKC lost 1-4 in the first round of the nba playoffs against Portland.


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