Paul George says he had interest in joining the Spurs in 2017

Paul George’s first choice were the Spurs in 2017

Paul George wanted to join the San Antonio Spurs in 2017 when he requested trade from the Indiana Pacers.


Per ESPN, “I wanted to be traded to San Antonio,” George said. “We wanted to go to San Antonio first, and we didn’t make that happen.”

A source confirmed the Spurs and Pacers held discussions, but San Antonio lacked the assets necessary to acquire George.

The Lakers decided not to deal the second overall pick in 2017 and Brandon Ingram for George as they believed they could eventually sign him in free agency.

George was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, re-signed with the franchise in 2018 and was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers in 2019.

“As far as the Lakers, I wanted to go to L.A.,” George said. “They didn’t make that happen. They didn’t put nothing together. So that’s in the back of my mind [when I became a free agent]. That was in the back of my mind.”

Source: ESPN.

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