Spurs’ Pau Gasol says he not considering retirement anytime soon

Foto: Matteo Marchi

Foto: Matteo Marchi

Gasol: In two summers, I might think about it a little more

Spanish big man Pau Gasol said that he will not considering retirement anytime soon.

The San Antonio Spurs center plans to play this season and next one when he will start thinking about retirement.

Gasol has a contract with the San Antonio Spurs till June 2020 but only $6.7 million of his $16 million for next season are guaranteed.

Per The Athletic, “In two summers, I might think about it a little more,” Gasol said of his eventual retirement. “It might be an option then, maybe. And maybe not because I love what I do. I work my ass off to do what I do at this stage, to keep up with the pace of the game and the progress and the development of the game today. I take pride in that. That’s what makes me who I am.”

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Source: The Athletic.

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