Nowitzki: I have ice-cream almost every day, suits don’t fit. I’m probably about 15 (pounds heavy)

Nowitzki is enjoying his new life

Dirk Nowitzki admitted that he is eating ice-creams every day now that he has retired from basketball.
The German forward was hosted by “Ben & Skin” on 105.3 The Fan.

Per 247 Sports, “I’ve had ice cream almost every day. “I’ve tried some suits on and they don’t fit. I’m probably about 15 (pounds heavy).”
“Honestly, I have not worked out once since that last game.”

“This season was tough on me, I think a lot of people didn’t notice it that much, I was struggling at times, I was in pain a lot during games. It was just not as much fun as it once was.”

“Relieved,” Dirk Nowitzki said, putting it all into one word.

Source: 247 Sports.

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