NBA commissioner Adam Silver thinks ‘Tanking’ is ‘Just destructive for everyone’

The Commissioner hopes that the new draft lottery system has decreased the incentive to tank for a better Lottery pick

NBA commissioner Adam Silver talks with ESPN about the Tanking: “That race to the bottom is just destructive, I think, for everyone. Corrosive for players and franchises, and I think, in some cases, even some executives who knew better felt they couldn’t withstand the pressure from the communities, from the media in some cases, saying, ‘Why are you operating at this level when you should either get much better or much worse?

Of course, you need to get great players, but at the same time you need to build culture, you need strong management, you need strong coaching. And players incrementally get better year after year. I mean, look at these two great franchises (In the Finals). It’s wonderful from a league standpoint to see the Warriors and the Raptors, two incredibly well-run franchises from top to bottom, here representing the league”

Source: Espn.

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