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National Teams 31/07/2017, 12.03

Jito Kok explains on Reddit what happened with Danilo Gallinari

Gallinari fractured his hand after landing a punch on Kok

National Teams
Jito Kok of Dutch National Team explained on Reddit what happened with Danilo Gallinari.
Both were ejected during the exhibition game between Italy and Holland.
Gallinari also fractured his own hand after landing a punch on Kok's face.

"That's me getting hit right there. By the way there was no build up either, I do think I hit him on that box out tho. He wasn't too happy with that"

"Yeah it caught me off guard, I was actually just running to offense and the dude just swing at me. Lucky I didn't fracture my cheek bone, he's definitely worse off"

"When it happens you're so pumped up on adrenaline you don't even notice. Right now it's not so bad just turning very blue. Definitely gonna get some looks in the airport goin home tomorrow".

"Yeah looks like that's what happened but I assure you that wasn't intentional. And no there was nothing between us up until that moment, they were getting chewed out by their coach though because we kept the game pretty close till the end. Probably just frustration on his part"

This is Kok's face after being hit by Gallinari.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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