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National Teams 23/05/2017, 16.10

Some fascinating facts about your favourite game

Basketball is one of the most popular and most watched games in the world- particularly when it comes to America

National Teams

Basketball is one of the most popular and most watched games in the world- particularly when it comes to America. Did you also know that it is also one of the most popular, and fun ways of betting on sports games? You can follow the latest basketball bets at Sbat and also check out the great range of special offers and free bets they have to entice you and to give you a good shot at hitting the bigtime!

That aside, how much do you really know about this amazing game? Whether you like to shoot hoops with buddies, or you place your bets on your favourite team on a regular basis, here are some great facts, figures, statistics, and bits of trivia to keep you entertained and to bamboozle your friends with next time you meet!

1- Did you know that basketball was invented in Springfield MA back in 1891. The guy we have to thank was Canadian, James Naismith who lived between 1861-1939 and was a sports teacher at his local school. He invented the game as a means to finding a sports to keep his students occupied during a rainy and stormy day.

2- In the first days of the game, to stop players falling onto the spectators during a game, the game used to be played in a sort of box made from chicken wire! Back in these days, with few rules, the game was very intense and often players (and sometimes spectators) would get injured.

3- Did you know that the first basketball hoops that were ever used, were in fact peach baskets! They still had the bottom attached so after each basket was scored, officials would have to dig out the ball. Who knows why they did not think to take the bottoms out at this stage, but it is where the game gets its name from!

4- The early basketball game was in fact a soccer ball, and this was the case well up into the 1950’s. To help them grip the ball tighter, they would put coal dust on their hands to help, making for quite a messy game!

5- At first, players did not really use dribbling as a part of their strategy. They were allowed to catch it, take a few steps to slow their pace, and then throw it, a bit like netball. But from the 1950’s onwards, it became an integral part of the game.

6- The NBA as it is today was formed on August 5th, 1976 and was due to the merging of The Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League.

7- One of the most gruesome injuries sustained on a basketball court was during a 2006 college tournament. Allan Ray, a player from Villanova was unlucky enough to have his eye pop out but luckily doctors were able to put it back in and he eventually regained full vision.

We hope you learned something from our fantastic list, so without further ado, get going and place some dollars on your favourite team- who knows, it could be your lucky day!

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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