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National Teams 17/02/2017, 18.47

Domantas Sabonis: 'I would like to play at Eurobasket 2017'

He made an interview with FIBA official website

National Teams

Oklahoma City Thunder rookie forward Domantas Sabonis would love to represent his country at FIBA Eurobasket 2017 this summer after his NT debut in Rio for the Olympics Games. Sabonis, who talked with FIBA official website, said that he wants to play at Eurobasket but he needs to speak with Thunder  organization first:


"For me it is very important to play for my country," said Sabonis during the interview. "I like to represent my country at the highest level in every competition, whether it is EuroBasket, the FIBA World Cup or the Olympics. I am very proud to be from Lithuania and I want to do my best for my country. Playing at Eurobasket 2017 is a goal for me, for sure. We still have to figure it out with the Thunder organization but as for me, I would like to play."

O. Cauchi

O. Cauchi

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