Mike D’Antoni on Donovan Mitchell: He’s an unbelievable offensive player

Houston will face Utah in the first round of the NBA playoffs

Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni talks about Donovan Mitchell, the top scorer of the team that the Rockets will face in the first round, the Utah Jazz: “He’s an unbelievable offensive player. With the great players, a lot of times it’s on them, but you can make it hard. You don’t want to foul him, you want to stay down, and you try to push him to a weaker hand. Having said that, he’s still going to score and do his damage. You just try and limit as much as you can”

Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell

Role: Shooting Guard
Height: 1.91
Date of birth: 07/09/1996

Age: 23
Nationality: United States

Source: USA today.

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