Melli: When I got Pelicans proposal I felt same vibration I had first time I spoke with Obradovic

Courtey of Getty Images

Courtey of Getty Images

Melli signed a two-year, $8 million deal with the Pelicans this summer

Nicolò Melli spoke with Il Resto del Carlino telling about his summer.

Melli signed a two-year, $8 million contract with the New Orleans Pelicans deciding to leave Europe to sign in the NBA.

“The Turkish league ended on June 21, I have been two days in Mykonos with Katrhina, now my wife. The only two days of vacations I had this summer. I came back to Italy and went to Monza to undergo knee surgery. I came back home and listen to all the offers from Europe, Milano included and overseas. On June 29 I had dinner in my parents house and after I went to sleep very early. At 11pm my agent Matteo Comellini sent me a message with the proposal made by the Pelicans. I felt a strong vibration. The same I had two years ago the first time I spoke with coach Obradovic” Melli said. “I got the same proposal two summers ago from the Atlanta Hawks but I decided to sign with Fenerbahce for less money. My choices never depended on salary and the same happened this summer” Melli said.

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