Larry Brown says Vojislav Stojanovic “thought he was a star, was difficult to coach”

Foto Ciamillo-Castoria

Foto Ciamillo-Castoria

Larry Brown explained why the team parted ways with Stojanovic

Fiat Turin head coach Larry Brown talked about why he decided to get rid of Vojislav Stojanovic.

“He thought he was a star,” Brown told the Italian newspaper Tuttosport in an interview. “He was difficult to coach. He did not listen to me and he did not listen to the veterans. The group became stronger with him out.”

“It wasn’t easy,” Brown said about the beginning of the season. “I wanted different players, but we couldn’t afford them. I would’ve liked to have some young players to develop. However, with a few changes we found the American players we needed. I’m a bit angry at myself because I haven’t been able to leave my mark on the team yet.”

Source: Tuttosport.

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