Kerr on KD: There’s this guy named Michael something…He’s most skilled basketball player on Earth

Photo. Matteo Marchi

Photo. Matteo Marchi

Kerr: He's just an unbelievable talent.

Steve Kerr compared Kevin Durant to Michael Jordan after his incredible performance against the Houston Rockets in Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals.

Kevin Durant scored 35 points. In the past five games, KD has averaged 40.2 points per game.

Per ESPN, “There’s this guy named Michael something,” Kerr said as the assembled media chuckled. “Can’t remember his last name. No, but Kevin’s run this past week has just been off the charts. I’ve said it a few times this week: He’s the most skilled basketball player on Earth. He’s one of the most skilled basketball players to ever play the game. There’s never been anybody like him. Six-[foot]-11, handles the ball, shoots 3s, passes, defends. He’s just an unbelievable talent. And I think after we lost Game 2 to the Clippers, I think he just felt like he had to turn it up and lift us up another level. That’s exactly what he’s done.”

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