Kenny Atkinson praises Caris LeVert: He’s kind of our X-Factor

LeVert ended game 1 with 23 points

Brooklyn Nets coach Kenny Atkinson talks about the performance of Caris LeVert in the big road win in game 1 against the Philadelphia 76ers: “He’s kind of come out of that tunnel. I said before the series, he’s kind of our x-factor. He’s the one that can change a game off the bench. He did it tonight. But just thrilled. We didn’t know; is he going to be able to get it back this year? Is he going to be able to get it back this soon. I was doubtful. I was expecting, OK, let’s get what we can from him and next year he’ll be great Caris again. It’s huge. The timing of him getting well and playing well and getting back to his old self, it helped us at the end of the season too, winning some big games”

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