Kawhi Leonard: I don’t care what the media has to say about me, I’m not trying to make headlines

Photo: Matteo Marchi

Photo: Matteo Marchi

Leonard was named MVP of the NBA Finals

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Quotes of Kawhi Leonard after game 6 of the NBA Finals:
Q. You’ve been through this roller coaster of a
couple years, and now you’re sitting with the Finals
trophy, the MVP trophy next to you again. Curious,
how these couple years have changed you as a
man, changed the way you look at faith and kind of
your priorities in life.
KAWHI LEONARD: Well, just the year, last year, a lot
of people were doubting me. They thought I was either
faking an injury or didn’t want to play for a team. That
was disappointing to go me that that was out in the
media, because I love the game of basketball. Like I
always say, if we’re not playing this game, if we’re hurt,
I mean you’re down. So me just going through that,
and I just knew that I would have to make myself happy
and no one else. And I have to trust myself. And
whatever, it doesn’t matter what anybody has to say
about me. I know who I am as a person, I know how I
feel, and always just trust yourself. And that was my
goal and my focus. And that’s why one of the things
that I take on the floor. I don’t care about what the
media has to say about me or if they want me to score
or whatever, 30 points, because I did the game before,
I’m going to come out and play the right way, I’m not
trying to make headlines. And that’s just things that I
pretty much learned just throughout this journey of
being in the NBA. So that’s how I just keep growing up
as a man and that’s why I say, I just think about my
past life and try to learn from situations and be wise
and learn from others.

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