Jimmy Butler: We just got to keep winning

The 76ers are 26-14 after 40 games

Jimmy Butler talks with NBC Sports about the report that he ‘aggressively challenged’ Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown during a film session in Portland: “I think what the whole thing was, I would say with me being here a lot of things are different. A lot of things that you used to run with the other personnel that was here — I’m a different player than (Robert Covington) and Dario (Saric). That’s all I was saying, and then other guys had something else to say, but I think in the end it was a positive thing because everybody got what they needed to say out”
“We just got to keep winning. Win three, four, five in a row and y’all going to go, ‘Oh, we’re on a win streak now!’ Not going to worry about anything that happened in a film session”

In 21 games for the 76ers Butler is averaging 18 points, 4.7 boards, 3.2 assist and 1.9 steals

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Fonte: NBC Sports.

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