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Serie A 16/03/2017, 13.46

Sosa on why he left Caserta: Not getting paid is is unacceptable and will always be unacceptable

The point guard wrote a long post on Instagram on his departure from Juvecaserta

Serie A
With a post on Instagram, Edgar Sosa explained why he asked to leave Juvecaserta.


I can live in an apartment that barely has running water, at times washing up with water bottles, an apartment that the lights go out at least once a week and let's not even get to the wifi. I come from humble beginnings so certain things don't bother me, plus my family and I live blessed lives in the states so I would never complain if things ever get a bit uncomfortable overseas. I did my job all year with a shut mouth, left it all on the court every game I played and never complained once about the circumstance. One thing that is unacceptable and will always be unacceptable is not getting paid. That would never be ok with me. I don't make the sacrifice of being away from my loved ones 9 months out the year not to get paid. Contracts are signed so they can be followed by all parties involved. I was in Caserta 6 months without any problems.. another 2 months and 8 games was the easy part. I HAD NO PROBLEM STAYING IN CASERTA. I WANTED TO STAY. I DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE BUT STAYING WITHOUT GETTING MY SALARY WAS NOT AN OPTION. I came to Italy this year with a goal to be the best guard and one of the best players in this league. I feel that I have clearly shown that in my play. I'm writing this in the most respectful way possible. I will not finish the season in caserta. I would play the last 2 months of basketball somewhere else.. I understand that God gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors, but there's a difference between tough and just flat out abuse.. To my teammates and coaching staff... you guys are phenomenal. I'm thankful for the opportunity given to meet and work with you guys this season... good luck the rest of the way.. I really hope you guys win the next 8 games and go in the playoffs. This team deserves it for all the hard work..Ciao..

Un post condiviso da Edgar sosa (@edgarsosa88) in data: 16 Mar 2017 alle ore 05:06 PDT

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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