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Serie A 23/07/2014, 20.17 Rumors

Olimpia Milano in the mix for Dwight Buycks, but the offer is low

Milan needs to find a big shooting guard

Serie A

Olimpia Milano is targeting former Toronto Raptors combo guard Dwight Buycks, but the first offer they made was too low, source told Sportando.


Milano needs a big shooting guard, because the situation in the roster can change dramatically; Drake Diener signed with Reggio Emilia and tomorrow Daniel Hackett will know how long his suspension will be (not less than 5 months starting from October). Milano could fire Daniel Hackett if he is suspended for more than 10 official games. 


The Italian team needs to increase the offer, because there are four more teams interested in him and two are frontrunners at this moment: Valencia and Olympiakos.


The player is also evaluating the possibility to stay in NBA, because Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix Suns are looking to him.

E. Trapani

E. Trapani

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