Howard draws inspiration from Chamberlain, wants to make same transition Wilt made for Lakers

Dwight Howard wants to make the same transition Wilt Chamberlain made for the Lakers late in his career

Dwight Howard returned to the Los Angeles Lakers during the offseason.
The big man said that he is taking inspiration from Wilt Chamberlain that late in his career sacrificed himself for the team.

Per SilverScreenAndRoll, Howard also said he drew inspiration from Lakers legend Wilt Chamberlain, who was able to be productive for Los Angeles during the later stages of his career.
“That’s my favorite player … Wilt is my favorite player. I’ve looked up tons of videos on him, I have a Wilt Chamberlain painting in my room … I was about to get ‘Wilt Chamberlain’tatted on my arm right here. He’s my favorite player, and he’s one of my favorite people in life. The thing that he did was sacrifice.
“A lot of time it’s hard for us to sacrifice, because we want to be that person, when the only thing that matters is getting another trophy. And when Wilt decided ‘Hey, I’ve done all the scoring, I’ve done all the other stuff, let me just do what this team is asking me to do,’he had one of the best seasons of his career. He won a championship. I want to have that same approach, and bring out the will inside of me and help this team win.”


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