Gregg Popovich: The Aussies gave us a great lesson, nobody wins forever…

Team USA lost for the first time after 78 straight wins

Team USA coach Gregg Popovich talks after the surprising loss (the first after 78 straight wins) against the Australia, via USA Basketball:

“The Aussies gave us a great lesson as far as where we have to be and how we have to play in this kind of competition,” Popovich said. “So we’ll get used to that and hopefully learn.”

“The loss means that we need to play better,” Popovich said. “It’s a measure of who you are. Nobody wins forever. This is a group of guys that’s worked very hard, like I said, to get to know each other and get to know a system. And whatever comes, we can handle. Our job is to try to get better every day. We learned some things tonight. We’re actually a better team now than at the start of the game because of the knowledge from the game, so now we move on.”

Source: USA Basketball.

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