Glen Davis explains why he left KK Zadar

Glen Davis explains why he left KK Zadar

Davis posted (and deleted) a video in which he explained the issues with the head coach and the fact that he wanted more money than the team and himself had originally agreed on.

Former NBA big man Glen Davis explained the reasons why he decided to leave KK Zadar only a few days after he landed in Croatia to join the ABA Liga team.

Following, here’s what Davis wrote under a video he posted (and immediately deleted) on Instagram:

“They’re trying [to] make me look like I’m the bad guy. Please understand I would love to play here. At the same time this is a business. When your coach calls your players b*****s and motherf*****s and treat them like s**t and not coach them, that’s a problem. There’s no respect. It’s hard to play for a man like that. So I’m sorry tornado fans. Zadar has to pay just a little bit more for me to be here. Because before I was playing for nothing, playing for experience. Wish you guys good luck.”

Davis did not play a single game with KK Zadar.

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