Gentry: The way we’re playing right now it’s just unacceptable

"It’s a terrible game, a poorly-played game, a poorly-coached game, all of us got to take responsibility"

New Orleans Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry talks after the 130-84 loss against the Dallas Mavericks:
I can use some choice words right now, but I’m not going to do that. But we control our own destiny. We’ve got to be the ones that compete. We’ve got to be the ones that play hard. We’ve got to be the ones that [don’t] turn it over. We’ve got to be the ones that rebound. We’ve got to find the open guy. All of those things right there. Obviously, we’re struggling right now. And to be honest with you, Zion [Williamson] is not coming in as the cavalry. We’ve got to play good basketball regardless of what he comes in and does when he’s ready to play, and it’s unacceptable the way we’re playing right now. It’s just unacceptable. To have a game like that is not what you want to do, and we’ve just got to be aware. We don’t want to become the pin cushion for the NBA – and the way we’re doing it right now that’s where we’re headed – we’ll be the pin cushion for the NBA. Everybody will come in and think they can get a win. Everybody will think at home they’re going to get a win and that’s the worst thing you can be in this league”
The Pelicans are 6-17 after 23 games

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