Ergin Ataman talked about his memory about Larry Brown: ”That situation was an honour for us.”

Anadolu Efes
Anadolu Efes

Ergin Ataman talked about his memory about Larry Brown in preseason camp in Bormio.

Anadolu Efes coach Ergin Ataman told his memory about Larry Brown, the coach of FIAT Torino.

Former NBA and NCAA champion Larry Brown and his team was in Bormio for the preseason camp on the same days with Anadolu Efes. Torino played a scrimmage with Efes and before the game Brown wanted to watch the Anadolu Efes practice. In an interview he gave to EuroCup official website, he told that he was impressed by the practice and the game of Efes leading by Ergin Ataman.

Ergin Ataman talked about that memory during his interview with beIN Sports and, ‘’ That situation was an honour for us, Larry Brown is one of the legends of the world basketball. When we were in Bormio, the day before the game that we were going to play with Torino, Brown came to the camp from USA. One of his assistants came to me and said that Larry Brown want to watch your practice. We have a defence practice that we are doing every week and it’s also a tough practice. I gathered my coaches and said ‘’Let’s do that practice today, let’s show off. Let him see that there are no jokes in European basketball.’’ We had a really tough practice in a high pace. Generally coaches come and watch the practices just for half an hour but he watched till it ends for 2 hours. That was so important and professional. After the practice he came and congratulated me, then I told him that ‘’We learned these from you, you are our idols.’’

Fonte: beIN Sports.

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