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EuroLeague 07/10/2015, 14.43

Euroleague reportedly set to increase cash prizes for the 24 teams

During the regular season each team will get 150.000 euros for ten games. During the Top 16 and Quarterfinals winners of each game will earn €35.000 (per game)

According to La Opinion de Malaga, Euroleague will increase the cash prizes for the 24 participants of the Euroleague edition 2015-2016 set to start next week.

During the regular season the 24 clubs will earn €15.000 per game (no matter if they win or lose the games). In ten game each team will get €150.000 (last season with ten games won during the regular season a team could earn maximum €70.000)

During the Top 16 and the quarterfinals the winners of each game will get €35.000 (last season the prize was €7.000 per victory).

The Euroleague winner will get €1 million.

Each team will also get TV rights apart.
E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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