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Balkan League 15/09/2015, 20.41

BIBL new season will be with 9 teams

This the final decision after the exclusion of KK Sutjeska

Balkan League
The Balkan League board announced that no other team will take the place of KK Sutjeska after the exclusion of the Montenegrin team, that will play in Adriatic League.

Here the final format with two groups and 9 total teams:

KK Kozuv (FYROM)
KK Mornar Bar (Montenegro)
BC Beroe (Bulgaria)
KB Sigal Prishtina (Kosovo)

KB Bashkimi (Kosovo)
KB Peja (Kosovo)
KK Lovcen Basket (Montenegro)
KK Teodo (Montenegro)
BC Levski 2014 (Bulgaria)
A. Caporaso

A. Caporaso

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