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22/04/2014, 15.21

Dario Saric named ABA Liga Most Improved Player of the Year

Dejan Radonjić is the best coach

Dario Šarić was voted the most improved player of the season by the head coaches of ABA League teams. After many changes have occured in Cibona's team during the season, still only 20-year old Šarić has become a true leader of Cibona on and off the court and has taken his team to the Final Four tournament in Belgrade. This season, the Šibenik born player has been averaging 16.3 points, 9.5 rebounds, 3 assists and 1.4 steals per game in the regional competition and became the MVP of the regular season.


Coach Dejan Radonjić was selected the best coach of the season. The Montenegrin tactician earned the honour by leading his team convincingly towards the top at the end of the regular season and secured the „pole position" ahead of Final Four tournament already two rounds before the end of the regular season. In the entire regular season 2013/14, Crvena zvezda Telekom under the guidance of Radonjić, suffered only 4 defeats, which is the best achievement of this club in the entire ABA League history.


Todor Gečevski will receive a special award for his contribution in 7 years of playing for two different teams in the history of ABA League. Currently, Gečevski is ranked first in the all-time index rating (total index ranking of 3212), and rebounds grabbed (1314 total rebounds), third in points scored (2434 total points), second in shots blocked (227 total blocks) and fourt in balls stolen (with a total of 275 steals made). Gečevski played his last ever game in ABA League on 23 March, when MZT Skopje Aerodrom hosted Radnički.


HKK Široki Primorka will receive a special fair play award for the season. A heartbreaking scene was seen in Pecara in mid-February, when Mega Vizura was a guest of the home team and Vasilije Micić fell badly and suffered a concussion. After he stood up and was taken off the court, the player received standing ovations by the home fans and was immediately transferred to hospital thanks to a swift reaction by the home team's management.


The award for special achievement of the season goes to dr. Branimir Ivka, the Krka team's doctor. He is the one that is responsible for taking care of the knee injury of Luka Mitrović of Crvena zvezda Telekom, who got injured during the November's encounter of the two teams. The doctor transferred Mitrović immediately, during the game, to the Novo mesto hospital and made the initial intervention in order to shorten the period of recovery of Belgrade team's youngster.


The MVP of the Final Four tournament will be announced after the end of the final game on Sunday and will be chosen in the journalists' voting during the final game.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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