Corner Stats: NBA Awards

Corner Stats: NBA Awards

How are MVP's and rookie of the year's stats?

Welcome back to Corner Stats! Last article of the season! Today we are going to view some players selected’s statistics for MVP and Rookie, to understand how much they have influenced their teams.

To understand how the players of the two final selections have influenced the teams it is useful to use VORP and Win Share per 48 minutes. Both of these statistics are perfect for having an estimate of a player’s impact on the victories and performance of their teams. They are in fact “all-in-one” stats, very useful from this point of view.

For the MVP award, Antetokounmpo, Harden, and George were selected.

It was known that actually, this award was between only two players: George was for probably the best two-way player in the league for a limited time, but that period may have been too “limited” to guarantee him the award. Harden and Giannis instead were two essential players for Houston and Milwaukee respectively. The first one has the best VORP of the League, while the second one has the highest Win Share in the NBA. Numbers that confirm the positive season of both. Since both statistics are very similar, we should use another stat: Impact.

For Harden, this statistic is equal to +3.8, while for Antetokounmpo it is 9.4, that is the best values of the League. And from this point of view, it is clear how much the Greek was decisive for the Bucks, not only on the offensive side but also during the defensive phase. Deserved.

Moving on to the rookies instead:

Also in this case, the numbers are very similar, but Doncic’s VORP is very impressive: that 3.6 is the eighteenth all-time value of the whole NBA. Among the first places, we find players like Jordan, Duncan, Bird, and many other famous names. The Slovenian player has impressed the NBA since the first match and will continue to do for sure.

Young was the second candidate for the rookie of the year award: his growth during the season was really remarkable. Several of his offensive statistics grew month after month, confirming his progressive acclimatization. A player who personally intrigues me a lot, especially considering that he’s playing in a very interesting project.

Gentlemen, it was a pleasure. With this last analysis, my first year on Sportando ends: I hope I have been useful and interesting with my articles. I tried to touch all the main competitions, but that requires a huge amount of time since the games to be watched become so many (and of course I like to watch them, but the free time is limited). I can say that it was a great pleasure to bring some statistics here, we’ll see if next year I will have the honor to continue.

Greetings from your friendly Neighborhood Cappe.

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