Corner Stats: Last call for jumping on Vincent Poirier’s bandwagon

Corner Stats: Last call for jumping on Vincent Poirier’s bandwagon

Through some stats, let's find out Poirier's incredible efficiency.

Welcome back to Corner Stats! There are players that, despite their performance, don’t get noticed as they should. A perfect example is Vincent Poirier: the French center is a complete and efficient player on both sides but, for some obscure reason, it is rarely mentioned. So it’s time to jump on Poirier’s bandwagon before it is too late.

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Poirier, as just said, is a two-way big man: during the offense is productive with its screens and roll performed with perfect timing and has a very good body control, which helps him a lot when he receives the ball near the rim; thanks to this skill, he is able to evade the defensive help from the weak side and score after some post moves. Although he has a good hand, most of his conclusions are near the basket, resulting to be a perfect partner for Shengelia (who likes to shot from 3 points line and attack on-the-ball) and, theoretically, Voigtmann (he is a pure shooter, even if this year he lost total confidence in his shot).
On the other side, it is an excellent element for internal defense and is a good rebounder.

Let’s look at his numbers:

Both ratings are higher than the league average (taking into account all players with at least 15 minutes per game), confirming Vincent’s efficiency on both sides. Also, Net Rating and PER are excellent and they position Poirier in the best quadrant of the chart:

He currently holds the fifteenth Net Rating and the seventh PER among all players. Values that confirm Poirier’s excellent contribution on the court. Going even more in detail, we can see how his Impact is truly remarkable.

The team Net Rating with him on the bench passes from a positive value to a deeply negative: this collapse is influenced more by the offensive data. The reason is that his back-up, Diop, is not at all comparable to the French center; Diop doesn’t have the timing in the screen and roll like Vincent, as well as the aforementioned body control.

Before concluding, a look at the rebounds:

Poirier is among the best big men for both DR% and OR%: he is not only an excellent defensive rebounder but also has the timing and dynamism needed to grab offensive rebounds. In fact, 10% of his shots occur after an offensive rebound.

I hope that these data can, once and for all, highlight how Poirier is a very good long one at the European level. He forms together with Shengelia a very high-quality couple on both sides and they are fundamental for Baskonia gameplans.

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