Corner Stats: Euroleague teams condition

Corner Stats: Euroleague teams condition

Thanks to the Team Net Rating, let's analyze the conditions fo the sixteen teams of Euroleague.

Welcome back to Corner Stats and Merry Christmas! This week we dedicate it to the condition of EuroLeague teams. Here we go!

To analyze the conditions we use the Team Net Rating: creating a team-by-team chart showing the tendency of the aforementioned statistic we obtain a trend shows the condition of the various teams. Also, you can see the winning streaks.

Efes is currently experiencing a positive season: his record is 9-5, is fourth and is proving to be a well-equipped and solid team. Moerman and Micic are surely the two most pleasant surprises: already considered two good EuroLeague players, this year they have grown beyond the best expectations becoming two fundamental players for Ataman.

Milano with the victory over Pana has closed a 5 losses streak. The drop is given primarily by Nedovic’s absence, which reduced the rotations and removed a crucial piece for the offensive game. Now that he has returned, it will be necessary to understand how much the great use of some players during Nemanja’s absence (such as James and Micov) will have an impact on the remaining season.

Buducnost is a team in the making: three players have arrived in the last week (including Norris Cole from Avellino). The current trend shows a vertical collapse, but there is the curiosity to see how they will play once the new rotations have been established.

CSKA does not reveal big problems to solve: it is strong with a very deep bench (now Bolomboy is also added among the big men). The defeat against Fener should not worry too much: true, it was over about 15 points, but in some moments of the game, they showed an incredible offensive power.

Darussafaka is not experiencing the best European season: the last defeat in the last second against Khimki could have been a sort of turning point for the season, but this did not happen.

Barcelona, after an encouraging start (also thanks to an easy calendar), has passed into a series of losses, probably because Pesic still does not seem to have found the right line-ups to obtain the best from every player.

Bayern is a very good team: Radonjic’s offensive game has been fully assimilated by all the players and Derrick Williams has found himself completely. Probable presence at the playoffs and it will be a team really difficult to deal with.

Fenerbahce is stronger than anything: it is stronger than Wanamaker and Nunnaly’s departures and is stronger than Ennis’ injury. Gudoric is experiencing his breakout season in the most beautiful way possible. In addition to being more secure and continuous than the past season, he is making important baskets in crucial moments.

After the coaching change, two victories have arrived for Gran Canaria: the roster remains “poor” to aspire to something more. Marcus Eriksson is a great player.

Khimki from Shved’s injury has won two games, against Pana and in the last second against Dasussafaka. The offensive limits during Russian star’s absence are clear and the chart clearly shows that.

From the coaching change, a positive effect has arrived for Baskonia. The team has suffered more than necessary the Beaubois’ departure, but now Vildoza is coming out and Shields has settled. Too bad for the defeat against Barcelona, but the road seems the right one.

In Tel Aviv the situation is not very good: some victories in the last games have arrived, but the situation cannot be declared calm. With Sfairopoulos’ arrival, in my opinion, they are starting to think about the future; this season they are looking for the bases on which to build together with the new coach and Wilbekin.

Olympiacos is improving: Blatt’s dictates begin to be understood and the chart trend confirms it. On the other side of Athens, the same can not be said: a slow and inexorable collapse of the Panathinaikos chart. Now Ricky Pitino has arrived: the most technical consideration I can give is I don’t know what is going to happen.

In Madrid the situation is very good: Real has an infinite roster and they are enjoying Campazzo’s great season.

In conclusion, Zalgiris: Jasi once again managed to create a solid team, which plays choral and defends aggressively. The departure of Micic and Pangos did not create the problems that everybody thought Zalgiris had to face.

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