Brett Blizzard annuncia il suo ritiro: Sono orgoglioso di essere italiano

Il cecchino da UNC Wilmington chiude con la pallacanestro dopo 16 stagioni giocate in Italia

Brett Blizzard ha annunciato in un lungo post su Instagram la sua intenzione di lasciare il basket giocato.

“Ho faticato a trovare le parole per parlare del mio ritiro dai campi, è impossibile riassumere 16 anni di vita. In questo periodo ho realizzato quanto sia speciale l’Italia, il basket è il basket, ma sono le persone che fanno la differenza”

“Ho vissuto qui quasi metà della mia vita, e sono orgoglioso di dire che sono un italiano! Grazie a tutti per i magnifici ricordi, io e la mia famiglia torneremo presto”


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I have struggled to put into words and personally announce my retirement from professional basketball. It is impossible to sum up 16 years of my life. When I left America in 2003 to fly to Italy I had no idea what I was getting into. I only knew I was going to play basketball in a place called Siena, with thoughts of getting better to try and make the NBA ??‍♂️?. After winning a championship In Jesi and continuing to Cantu, Reggio Emilia, Virtus Bologna, BiancoBlu Bologna, Veroli, Casale, and Tortona, I have realized how special Italy is. Basketball is basketball, but the people make the difference. I can’t thank you you enough, Italy, for helping me mature as a man and grow my family. I have to thank my wife, Megan, who joined me on this adventure in 2006 in Bologna and stood by my side through it all. She dealt with the highs and lows of each season, and was always my biggest fan. I have met many special people that are like family to me now, and there is no way I can name everyone. I have to thank all of my coaches and teammates for the battles we shared, and the grind we went through together. I have lived almost half of my life in Italy and I am proud to say I am Italian! Thank you Italy for the wonderful memories! My family and I will be back soon! ❤️??

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